Flowers in Chania

Mr.Dushan Dissanayake
DBC Radio Network

DBC radio network Started 8 years ago, revolutionizing the Media industry setting up world's First Ever HD-DTS Sinhala radio Channel - sha lanka radio, Based in Canada.

As the first step we have started worldwide online broadcasting back in 2012 on while broadcasting via XM frequencies in UAS and Canada. In this shorter time period sha lanka has become the 2nd best Sinhala radio broadcaster in the world.

DBC radio network Is owned by Mr. Dushan Dissanayake, one of the most experienced, Award winning media personalities in today’s broadcasting field. His experience over 18 years in the media Industry has given him an invaluable in-depth insight of the broadcasting industry. From June 2017 onwards We have come with a re-branding to our channel "Hari fm" ( former sha lanka radio) with all new entertaining programs. We as a team, is willing to deliver the very best of everything to our beloved audience as always we have promised.
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